Django Command Cheat Sheet

This is a list of useful django commands i find being used very often often you might need to clear the init files and start fresh when making migrations find . -path “*/migrations/*.py” -not -name “” -delete find . -path “*/migrations/*.pyc” -delete When working with python in a docker container you may need to run … Continued

Reality check : Chemtrails

Chemtrails – Covert operations and weather modification Introduction Now I tend to hear a term brandished about the internet a lot when people are discussing “chemtrails”…. “conspiracy theorist” I hear people say, or another common one “tin foil hat wearing loon”. The only thing this confirms is the person saying these empty one liners has … Continued

Graylog on Docker

When you’re running many services dotted here and there and have to manage many systems and various pieces of network infrastructure, systems admins need a way to consolidate and examine the data from logs, This is what we call SIEM(Security Information & Event Management). There are many solutions for storing, searching and generally turning logs … Continued


Introduction Radio skills seemed to be something of a lost art growing up, only thing i heard about radio was from the stories my grandfather used to tell me about CB radio. These days most devices that use radio are locked to a certain frequency range, this makes them useless for scanning radio frequencies other … Continued

FreeIPA on Docker

FreeIPA is an Identity Management System, its the upstream open-source project for Red Hat Identity Manager. the tools for FreeIPA are included in all recent versions of Fedora and CentOS. FreeIPA gives us the ability to be able to unify users across multiple platforms, so you can have a bunch of users under one domain … Continued

Nextcloud on Docker

Nextcloud is a self hosted cloud storage platform which is totally open source. Nextcloud is in use by German federal government at ITZBund( German Federal Information Technology Center ), ITZBund is the main IT services provider to the German government and provides IT services to over a million users. NextCloud claims to be GDPR compliant, … Continued

Connect Nextcloud to FreeIPA LDAP

to get LDAPS working we need to copy the FreeIPA root certificate authority to Nextcloud, if you have installed Nextcloud and Freeipa on docker like explained on this website then it should be simple, for this example we will be working in the same Fedora box we were for both FreeIPA and Nextcloud, we also … Continued

Gitlab on Docker

Gitlab is a DevOps web application built using ruby, similar in functionality to github, helping teams of developers collaborate on private projects. Gitlab provides private and public git repositories, issue trackers for better project planning, has its own container registry for packaging docker images, supports continuous integration and displaying performance metrics. Gitlab also supports LDAP … Continued