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Chemtrails – Covert operations and weather modification


Now I tend to hear a term brandished about the internet a lot when people are discussing “chemtrails”…. “conspiracy theorist” I hear people say, or another common one “tin foil hat wearing loon”. The only thing this confirms is the person saying these empty one liners has an absolute lack of knowledge on the subject, chemtrails are not a theory, bare with me and I will prove this.

First of all, “chemtrails” is a colloquial term, it essentially means the adding of elements and various compounds to the atmosphere… “but scientists claim chemtrails don’t exist”….language isn’t defined entirely by scientists. This is obviously a blatant lie! Scientists are just human. Humans do lie for many reasons such as survival or strategic advantage. You will find websites such as Snopes and Metabunk have done the utmost to try and discredit and smear any existing information on “chemtrails”, government departments such as NASA, NOAA and other government agencies have persistently tried to hide information on the subject once the public became aware of it. There has been a concerted effort by government to try discredit the existence of “chemtrails” in any form.

“Chemtrails” have existed for over half a century, nearly as long as humans have been in flight, people have been spraying things from aircraft. Government has long since been using “chemtrails”(mostly covertly) for various reasons such as weather manipulation, for the purposes of war, sustainability and pest control. There are many technical terms for chemtrails, these terms open doors, chemtrails being a colloquial term is rarely used by the scientific or intelligence community. So you will find very little official information using this term. There are however several technical terms which you will find much information on, terms such as “cloud seeding“, “solar radiation management“, and “stratospheric aerosol injection“. these terms throw up huge amounts of information on the subject, there are many papers about the issue on various journals and have been many experiments by various scientists, there have also been several operations by governments implementing various compounds for weather modification. these experiments and operations were very often done in secret with blatant disregard for life and without proper consideration of the long term consequences.


Cloud seeding was invented by Vincent J. Schaefer 1906 – 1993, a self-taught chemist who created the first artificially induced snow in a lab at General Electric, the first experiment was in 1946.

Following shortly behind the first UK Government experiments, Operation Witch Doctor aka “Project Cumulus” which was carried out in the 1950s. There are apparent declassified RAF documents relating to the Lynmouth flood in which 34 people lost their lives but unfortunately they elude me. According to reports these “RAF Rainmaker” documents seem to indicate that a cloud seeding operation using silver iodide as the catalyst was behind the flood. BBC Radio 4 did An expose on it in 2001 called “The Day They Made It Rain”, this was also reported at the time and has been archived by news agencies such as the Guardian and BBC News

Soon cloud seeding would find other applications in war, during the Vietnamese and Cambodian conflict between 1967 and 1972 the US Army ran a classified weather modification program. Operation Popeye would see Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos continually subjected to lead iodide and silver iodide spraying in an attempt to degrade enemy morale and create conditions that were more difficult for the enemy to fight in. Parallel to this between the years of 1962 and 1971 the US government also ran another program called Operation Ranch Hand, this saw a herbicide titled “Agent Orange” sprayed over the jungle in an attempt to reduce canopy cover, to this day US army veterans, their children as well as Vietnamese and Cambodian victims all still suffer the consequences of this US operation, the children of agent orange. It seems there is still an effort to try and deny the long term consequences by the US government.

At the same time there was another weather modification program being run by the US government and the NOAA from the time of the Vietnam war in 1962 right up to the time of the Iran-Iraq Gulf war in 1983, Project Stormfury was supposed to be an attempt at weakening tropical cyclones by seeding them with silver iodide, this was hypothesised to have led to the seeding of several hurricanes, however it was supposedly later observed hurricanes forming naturally in the same manner as in the experiments, so it was deemed that this hypothesis was incorrect

Now although cloud seeding projects are now pretty much common knowledge and happening on a regular basis at various locations around the world, most of the documentation pertaining to these projects are no longer considered a national security threat and are declassified, in the public domain. These projects are now more often undertaken by private commercial entities. However, it is clear there have been attempts in the past to cover up this information and keep it secret, this is why it is, unfortunately, so much more difficult to accept when the establishment tries to deny attempts at solar radiation management. it’s like that saying by George Orwell – To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.

Since 1988 Nato and US forces have been implementing “The Single Fuel Concept”, this came about because the US Army had problems with its main battle tank (the M1 Abrams) in cold weather conditions due to “waxing”. The tank used diesel as its primary source of fuel, because of this the decision was made to start mixing aviation fuel into the tanks diesel fuel to stop it clogging up in cold weather conditions. First it was 50% of either JP5 or JP8, it was eventually decided to run all vehicles aircraft and tanks on simply 100% JP8… you can see from this study done by the US Navy that levels of barium, aluminium, strontium and titanium as well as other elements often more than tripled between JP5 and JP8.

Solar radiation management has a wide amount of organisations involved, the SRMGI(Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative) was founded in 2011 claims to be a non governmental organisation however it is in partnership with Royal Society, the TWAS(The World Academy of Sciences) and the EDF(Environmental Defence Fund), I think they may use the term NGO lightly, seems very reminiscent of multinational one world government organisations. These organisations are all promoting Solar Radiation Management as a possible solution to the problem of global warming, they are also all claiming that the risks of solar radiation management are not very well understood. These are claims I doubt! Anyone can research the effects of the proposed or possibly implemented compounds on the environment and human health. Personally, I do not believe they are not able to connect the same dots that laymen like me can see. I’m going to point out some of these glaring issues and some of the science which stands out to me as being problematic

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