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David Keith

David Keith is a leading climate researcher, I was reading an article earlier this week in which it was talking about him receiving threats from “chemtrail conspiracists“, about “conspiracy theorists” supposedly spreading misinformation. Now I actually think this man is withholding information. I think they are being less than forthcoming with the truth when it comes to solar radiation management. There seems to be occasional smear campaigns by mainstream media to try discredit anyone who has any knowledge of weather modification science as “conspiracy theorists”. as well as from david keith himself, who claims there is no such evidence of any weather modification to date. This sort of establishment propaganda obviously has the psychological effect of causing nescient people to be quite obnoxious at anyone who expresses any knowledge of the subject

Now it seems like the information around solar radiation management as with cloud seeding has been on a constant shift, the information landscape is constantly changing, government information is often redacted, retracted or amended less often declassified, quite often information is kept out of the public domain. I think some people may have put some pressure on David Keith because of some of his science such as engineered nano particles, but it seems he is making a point in most of his papers to try and emphasise these are just “suggested” methods, we are expected to believe they have not experimented with these compounds at any scale in the real world.

Chemtrail Activists

Unfortunately, because the establishment is not very forthcoming with the information around geo-engineering, there has been a need for activists exposing information and helping build a full picture of what is actually going on, (doing water samples and gathering other such information) so everyone can connect the dots. I have been aware of chemtrails for some years now, and I know a large amount of the history and science, but sometimes I come across other people who can provided sources of information I was not aware of, two people in particular come to mind Partick Roddie and Terry Lawton

Connecting the Dots

There are huge amounts of information on geo-engineering with “chemtrails”, we have already established wide-scale use of silver iodide in cloud seeding, solar radiation management is a bit more complex, suggested solutions include aerosols composed of various bits of nano technology and compounds such as aluminium oxide, various sulfates, barium and several more :

Stratospheric aerosols for use in SRM

The stratosphere is the second major layer of Earth’s atmosphere, lying immediately above the lowest layer (the troposphere) at an altitude of 10–50 km. Within the stratosphere temperatures increase with increasing elevation. The potential for SRM from stratospheric injection of aerosols has been demonstrated by global cooling following large volcanic eruptions.

A wide range of particles could be released into the stratosphere to achieve the SRM objective of scattering sunlight back to space. Sulfates and nanoparticles currently favored for SRM include sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, black carbon, and specially engineered discs composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate. In particular, engineered nanoparticles are considered very promising. The particles would utilize photophoretic and electromagnetic forces to self-levitate above the stratosphere. These nanoparticles would remain suspended longer than sulfate particles, would not interfere with stratospheric chemistry, and would not produce acid rain. However, while promising, the self-levitating nanodisc has not been tested to verify efficacy, may increase ocean acidification due to atmospheric CO2 entrapment, has uncharacterized human health and environmental impacts, and may be prohibitively expensive.

Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols
Utibe Effiong and Richard L. Neitzel

The uk governments official stance on this is they have no evidence of “chemtrails” being in use, they actually hand off responsiblity for monitoring and regulating aircraft emissions to an international organisation the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). however there does seem to be a great deal of discussion in uk government about “engineered nano particles“, Now I like to think I’m good at spotting lies, shills and sycophants. One thing that is apparent to me in this discussion is that there is a lot of conflicting information. On one hand the UK government has clearly played around with weather modification over the years, but then they deny the existence of “chemtrails”, the media largely claim that the contrails people can see persisting in the sky expanding to clouds and often turning into white out, are just contrails made totally by ice crystals. However even in the UK Government’s own words, these trails also contain other particle matter. In the same paragraph they say there is no evidence contrails cause health problems, and they cause respiratory problems. So which is it ?:

2.3 Are there any ill health effects caused by contrails?

There is no evidence that contrails cause health problems. At the altitude that contrails are produced, the oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter which can cause respiratory problems become dispersed.

Guidance on contrails
UK Government

So we already are starting to see government is well aware of the existent risks of particle matter, PM2.5 or particle matter under 6 microns is known to cause a wide array of health issues, from respiratory to cardiac issues as well as various cancers such as lung, breast, liver and colon cancer. That being said, it would seem most of the time, the majority of the pollution seems to be coming from cars and other human activity such as industry, in the literature aircraft seem suspiciously absent from blame. You will also quite often generate this size of particles yourself when smoking or cooking.

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