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The issue for me personally is that in the last decade or so in the uk, there have been a couple of exceptional times where air quality levels(which DEFRA measure) have nose dived to ridiculously unacceptable poor quality and we have had thick pea soup smogs which last up to a week or more. Media has attempted to explain it away as sand from the Sahara, and often changed their story to blame European industry. Some years ago, when I was first starting to become aware of the existence of chemtrails, one of these smogs dropped and lasted 8 days. While this smog was present I became acutely aware of the increase in ambulances rushing people to hospital in the village where I lived, I was hearing as many as 5 or more ambulances per day. Usually, I might hear an ambulance drive past the house maybe once or twice a week. This was the main indicator to me that this was most definitely a fine particle smog. My assumption maybe wrong, but I couldn’t help consider that thick whiteout pea soup that the plane contrails very often turn into what is the textbook description of solar radiation management.

At the time I even resorted to ringing the local chemical plant run by Syngenta and asking if I could have details of their air samples, you see DEFRA did not provide a proper breakdown of the elements in their air samples, they only list particle matter PM10 and various elements they are looking for, such as sulphur and nitrogen. They do not list the levels of any metals in the air such as aluminium, strontium or barium. I had made the decision to make the call because my grandfather worked as a metallurgist at the exact same chemical plant a few decades previous when it was run by ICI(Imperial Chemical Industries). One of the jobs he had was as a safety officer driving round in a van, collecting air samples and running them through Gas Chromatography with a Mass Spectrometer to get a breakdown of all the elements present in the air. This was part of safety measures at the plant so they knew when and where they had contaminated the air. Unfortunately, they refused to help my line of inquiry.

Now this is probably psychosomatic, but another issue I had once I became aware of chemtrails was that every time the contrails would create white out, I would end up feeling anxious. I still have this problem to this day.

When I started reading about Barium being used as an element in experiments I put two and two together and started to assume this could be a possible reason for feeling nervous when there is white out, then again this could all have been in my head. I actually had an argument about the use of barium with Mick West from Metabunk on Twitter, I was quite agitated at the fact Metabunk tries to discredit chemtrails as being imaginary, talking about it all being pseudoscience. I accused him of working for the CIA on a disinformation campaign, his opinion I think boiled down to him thinking normal people shouldn’t worry about this sort of stuff. He had made a statement on Metabunk saying the same thing, but with the information I used in the argument, he could not legitimately deny that it was indeed happening.

Something else which caught my attention, around a similar time to these previous incidents, prior to me giving up TV I had noticed a BBC News interview one day, in this interview they were talking to a woman who had been on an EasyJet flight. While on this flight the cabin had filled up with smoke, she was talking about suffering health issues since this had happened, I seem to recall she had said she constantly felt nervous, I instantly thought of the barium toxicity. I can also see there are now reports from the Guardian about pilots and cabin crew suffering effects from toxic air on planes, although I’m sure this could be explained by other things such as out-gassing from batteries and other hardware.

The reasons that I started to theorise about covert operations was because I knew they had done studies to test the social acceptability of solar radiation management on the population. The results showed that although most people seemed to accept it when it was suggested, once they knew more information they were heavily against it, so I had thought about how one could best implement a global solar radiation management regime covertly. I knew that in the past the people promoting geo-engineering have talked about solar radiation management being relatively cheap to implement (aviation fuel additives came to mind). I know there are aircraft kitted out to do spraying, but if what I was seeing was indeed solar radiation management, it seemed like it was on too much of a large scale to be done by specially equipped aircraft.

One thing that I keep thinking about with some of these elements which are proposed such as barium and strontium, often have radioactive isotopes. I know the government has a hard time getting rid of radioactive waste. I’m sure people are always looking for new ways to dispose of the various radioactive isotopes which are produced as byproducts of nuclear fission; aside from dumping it in the ocean, using it in medicine, possibly make a bit of profit in the process. The thing that concerned me about this was in the very action of carrying out solar radiation management. If it was done with radioactive isotopes they could well be adding to the levels of radiation in the environment thus heating the atmosphere more, although a lot of the non radioactive isotopes of these elements are found naturally in crude oil.

Another thing I considered, was that if any of these elements had been used in aviation fuel or there was equipment people have invented specifically for the process, then you might find glimpses of that information in the patents system, as people would most likely be trying to make money from these inventions. This is one of those areas where there seems to be a constant shift of information. Being aware of something so long, you get to see how the information evolves over time. You often find yourself unable to locate information you were certain you had seen. There are lots of inventions for the application of cloud seeding one patent in particular catches my attention US5003186A – Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming

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