LimeSDR Mini Case

LimeSDR Case Design

This is a simple case for limeSDR Mini that i designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. LimeSDR Mini was ordered from the crowd supply campaign back in December 2017, its been sat around for a month of so since it arrived in April. I needed to 3D print a case for it before i could play around. Now I could have just bought one from crowd supply or downloaded a case from thingiverse, but I thought it would be good practice to design my own. its easy enough for me to print one and I could save a few quid while i was at it

I took measurements with calipers rather than working from the PCB drawings lime microsystems provide, its not perfect but first print did the job so im not inclined to go back and improve it at this stage. It could probably do with some extra clearance around the PCB and the seam would be better overlapping. For demonstration purposes i made a video of the design and 3D print:


This video was edited using pitivi on linux, the 3D print video was captured using octoprint and a raspberry pi cam, i borrowed the audio track from Dexter Britain and his postings on FMA(Free Music Archive).


These models are now available for download in STL and FBX Format :

Download STLs

Download FBX
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