Stackable Pine64 Case

Pine64 is a low cost SBC based on the 64bit ARM Cortex A53 chipset, there are three models all based on the same chipset and form factor 512MB, 1GB and 2GB of RAM, there’s also the SOPINE compute module baseboard which is the same form factor. I bought a couple of the Pine64+ 2GB models a while back with the intention of doing a few projects with them before A53/A64 was supported in mainline linux. one idea i had was that i wanted to make a low cost low power mini high availability cloud cluster with docker and kubernetes. when i bought the boards i didnt get a case for them, so i needed to make one, save me making any tragic mistakes like shorting something out. I wanted to be able to add more Pine64s should i feel the need and i wanted something which didn’t look out of place next to the router. I really like those linksys WRT routers, had a WRT54G many years ago and i loved the design ever since, i could have just attached the Pine64s together with spacers but i thought that stackable style would be ideal for a small docker cluster to keep a low footprint and not have an unstable mess. So i used Fusion 360 to design and print a stackable case for the Pine64+, and i was going to call it it stack of pine. it didnt print very easily though because of the design and possibly the fact by printer is missing an enclosure, i will post downloads.

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