I can provide many different services such as web design, hosting and email management, search engine optimisation, graphic design, CAD, 3D printing, electrical and mechanical engineering. I am willing to look at projects on an individual basis and may be willing to do work at cost price for a good cause. I can provide various levels of expertise depending on your budget…

  • Logo/Graphic Design

    I can design logos and other graphics using open source software such as the GNU Image Manipulation Program and Inkscape, logo design can be done with a varying degree of quality, for more professional graphics and logo design i can draft the logo by hand to start with so it is parametric when starting vector design. I can also turn 2D logos and graphics into 3D models or combine logo vectors into icon fonts

    • Basic – Logo/Graphic Design non parametric SVG, PNG£20
    • Pro – Logo/Graphic Design parametric drafted SVG, PNG£100
    • Ultimate – Logo/Graphic/3D Design parametric drafted SVG, PNG, GLB, STL, STEP, IGES & More£200
  • Font Design

    I can design custom fonts, you might want a custom icon font for you website or if you want custom text font which can be used globally in documents, graphic and on the web

    • Icon FontStarting at £200
    • Calligraphy Text FontStarting at £500
  • Theme Design

    There are many content management systems out there, most of them come with a decent selection of free themes available, you could also pay for some premium themes that exist but to really stand out from the crowd you will need make your theme unique to your brand or site. I can provide theme development services for many different content management systems, i specialise in Magento and WordPress but there are other CMS for which i can develop themes. There are different levels of theme design possible, i can take an existing theme and alter it to suit your needs or i can construct a theme from scratch using open source components and frameworks, if you really want to push the boat out for more efficient design i can construct custom theme scripts and styles from desired components.

    • Basic – Existing theme style customisationStaring at £100
    • Pro – Build a theme from scratch using an open source framework£500
    • Ultimate – Build a theme from scratch using custom scripts and stylesStarting at £2000
  • Personal & Business Websites *

    In addition to theme design you may also want email and web hosting setup, there are many viable options for launching your web application ranging in price and features, from shared hosting to dedicated private systems and everything in between, there is a solution for your needs no matter the budget. for more professional setups i can also provide more extensive setups with LDAP integration and other more advanced technologies, everything comes with analytics, but depending on how you start your theme there will be varying levels of search engine optimisation and social media integration

    • Basic – Logo design, email and web hosting setup, ssl, ftp, existing theme customisation Starting at £200
    • Pro – Logo parametric design, theme built from framework, ssl, email and cloud hosting setup Starting at £1000
    • Ultimate – Logo parametric design, custom scripts and styles, ssl, high availability, email and cloud hostingStarting at £3000
  • eCommerce Websites *

    There are various ecommerce systems available, i specialise in Magento, but there are others such as OpenCart, Prestashop and ecommerce with WordPress using WooCommerce. With ecommerce security is critical, content management systems must be updated on a regular basis, there are other things you may also have to take into consideration such as PCI compliance and GDPR. To get customers you need to build brand awareness, there are multiple platforms you can branch out onto to achieve this with social media and ecommerce websites such as ebay, amazon, facebook, twitter and many more. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is also important, get the best results with rich snippets and schema.org microformats you may also if you have a physical shop want more in depth integration such as with POS(Point Of Sale) software for stock monitoring or LDAP integration for an employee database and access control.

    • Basic – Logo design, email and web hosting setup, ssl, ftp, existing theme customisation, social media, seo & analyticsStarting at £1000
    • Pro – Logo parametric design, theme built from framework, ssl, email and cloud hosting setup, social media & seo Starting at £2000
    • Ultimate – Logo parametric design, custom scripts and styles, ssl, high availability, email and cloud hosting, social media & seoStarting at £5000

  • CAD

    I can provide product design services using Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Blender, Eagle and other 3D modelling and CAD software packages, I can design and prototype everything from toys to tools, Electronic and IoT prototyping to ROHS and CE marking standards using popular technologies such as arduino, raspberry pi, platform io and a lot more. I can also 3D print mechanical parts and models, finish and paint plastics, and silicon casting for small scale reproduction of 3D printed parts. i may also be happy to undertake CAD work for a good cause at no cost, for a more exact price get in touch for a quote

    • 3D Model DesignStarting prices from FREE
    • Electronic PrototypingStarting at £500

  • 3D Printing

    I can do FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) or FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing with various plastics such as PLA, ABS, and plastic composites, i am willing to take on projects at cost price for a good cause, cost of material varies widely, composites may need extra steps such as annealing, you may also want 3D Prints finishing and painting.

    • 3D PrintStarting from COST PRICE
    • Product PrototypingStarting from £500

* denoted services may have extra monthly costs, but usually have free options

The aforementioned prices are rough estimates, services can be tailored to your needs and vary widely, for a quote or for more information about available services please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch